How to get visa on arrival to Iran for Non-Eu Passports

How to get visa on arrival to Iran for Non-Eu Passports

This post is applicable for EU and Non-EU (specifically Filipino) citizens who can apply for Visa upon arrival in Iran


1. Passport with at least 6 months validity

2. Insurance that covers Iran

You can buy at the airport also but best to have this ready beforehand just to speed up the process

3. Hotel Booking

You need a confirmed booking where you will stay. They will actually call the hotel to verify that you’re staying there

In our case, we only presented for the 1st 2 nights of our accommodation and mentioned we will look for something when we get to the city as we are not sure how long we will stay in each place

4. Return Flight or ticket for onward destination


  • Upon landing in Tehran, we just followed the mob knowing at least half of the passengers need visa. Note that women must wear their hijab already from the plane (before getting off)
  • There will be stewards everywhere guiding you where to go so it’s pretty easy
  • If you need insurance, there is a separate room you need to get this from
  • If you already have an insurance, head straight to this officer standing outside  some sort of VISA STAMPING OFFICE. Show him the required documents, and  answer whatever questions he has as truthfully as you can.
  • With a pen and a piece of paper in hand, he will then ask where you’re from. Philippines, I said. He stared at me briefly in the eye and then jotted down my fate in a piece of paper. Mine wrote 25 Euro and my husband (EU citizen) got 70 Euro. He said we can find these fees online. I don’t think it mattered to check.
  • Head to the cashier just next to the office and pay the corresponding fee
  • Go back to the officer-in-charge and hand your receipt, documents, and passport. Photo is not needed. They will  use your passport photo instead.
  • Wait for your name to be called. We were unfortunate to be waiting for almost 2 hrs. while we saw others got theirs in just 10 minutes. There is no telling what would make the process faster and from what I saw, the more you follow-up, the longer it will take. I have a theory that one factor that made our wait time longer is because my husband’s passport is too worn out with a lot of creases and folds. The reason for this theory is because when we got our passports back, the officer said that the issuing officers inside the office wanted to let my husband know that passports should not be kept that way. Again, just a theory 😀
  • Upon receiving your passport back, check that all details in the visa are correct before you leave.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will visiting Iran affect your US visa application

  • At least for Filipinos applying in the Philippines, I don’t think so. The real deal in the Philippines is the interview portion where they try to evaluate if you will not overstay in the US. I don’t think they even check where you’ve been.

Can you apply for a visa online

  • Other sources say you can but the visa on arrival seemed like a less complicated option

There are also cases where if you have evidence of travel to Israel, you will be denied entry in Iran. If this is your case, don’t fret, there are a lot of countries you can visit instead.


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