Quito to Cali by bus

Quito to Cali by bus

Quito, Ecuador to Cali, Colombia by bus

1. I took a bus from Baños and arrived at the Southern Terminal of Quito. There are direct direct buses to Tulcan from that terminal so no need to go to the northern bus terminal in Carcelen.

Tulcan is a city at the most northern side of Ecuador and takes around 6 or so hrs. from the Southern terminal of Quito.

Terminal Terrestre Quitumbe

Terminal Terrestre Quitumbe- Southern Terminal in Quito where you can take a direct bus to Tulcan

2. Buy a ticket bound for Tulcan (around 7 USD).

Ticket booths in Terminal Terrestre Quitumbe

Ticket booths in Terminal Terrestre Quitumbe. Find the one for Tulcan. There’s Customer Service in the 1st floor that you can ask for assistance.

Bus platforms in Terminal Terrestre Quitumbe

Bus platforms in Terminal Terrestre Quitumbe. Here, you need to find the corresponding platform number in your ticket headed for Tulcan

Bus from Quito (Southern terminal) to Tulcan

Bus from Quito (Southern terminal) to Tulcan

3. Once in Tulcan, take a taxi for around 3 USD to the border. These yellow taxis would be waiting in line right beside where the bus will stop. The ride takes about 10 minutes.

4. Get your exit stamp from the Ecuador immigration. Remember to present the white slip you were given when you entered the country.

5. Walk towards the bridge headed to the Colombian side (around 100 meters).

6. Get your entry stamp from the Colombian immigration. No visa needed for Filipinos.

7. Change some of your USD to Colombian pesos as you will need it to pay for taxi, etc…

8. Flag a cab to take you to the Ipiales bus station (3 USD). There are private cars that offer ride as well. This is the one I took and I’m still alive.

9. From there, you can get a bus bound for Cali. The bus ride takes 12 hours so it’s best to take an overnight bus so you arrive in Cali in the morning. The last bus leaves around 9pm.

Bus station in Ipiales

Bus station in Ipiales, Columbia

10. If you’re stuck in Ipiales for some reason, or you want to stay for a day to do some sight-seeing such as the famous Las Lajas Sanctuary, then there’s a lot of cheap hostels just next to the bus station.


From Cali to Quito is just the reverse process. Once you arrive in the Northern Terminal of Quito, you can take a taxi to the city center of Quito for 10 usd. 

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