So now I want to be a polyglot

So now I want to be a polyglot

I want to mark this time in my life where I suddenly have this boiling desire to learn new languages 🙂

I don’t know how it started but it was definitely something that was inspired by my traveling. After a year and a half of traveling, I switched from just wanting to see countries to really immersing in the culture. And what I found out was that, learning their language is the ultimate key to understanding them. So now, I’ve been desperately trying to learn Spanish. I started in May while I was traveling in South America. I had moments where I had a looong break but I now finally decided that I will finish this goal!

So I found a teacher for around 6 usd per hour and THIS IS IT! This is just the first step and I will not allow myself to fail.

Let this day be the contract to mark this commitment!

Yours truly,


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